Thursday, December 20, 2012

That's a wrap!

We had the opportunity to go back to Utah for winter filming or "Ephriam's Rescue".  It was an amazing experience, one I know my boys and I will never forget.  We have a greater appreciation for what the pioneers had to endure.  We experienced a small amount of what that they had to face.  It was cold, we were wet, we were tired, the days were long, but we had each other to make it worth it.  I think my favorite part was the night we sat in one of the tents sharing experiences we had from a blessing given to Ephriam Hanks about his posterity.  It was truly a special moment.  I am so grateful for all the friendships we formed during filming and the opportunity to get to know family that we had never met until now.  These are some pictures from our experience....  


Ethan and I on set.  We were so cold during this shot,  we didn't even have to act for it.

My brother Aaron and I.  I look so scary.  I'm glad there weren't mirrors anywhere.
Darrin Southam playing Ephriam Hanks.  He is amazing, I saw the look in his eyes when he spoke his parts and it was as if he really was Ephriam.  I was moved to tears many times by the conviction in his words.  They definitely picked the right man for the job.

Uncle Aaron and Ethan

Carson ready to start filming

Ethan and I before they dumped snow all over us.

Ethan...I love this picture of him. 

Katherine and Maya. They play the mother and love interest of James.  Such amazing women and so kind as well.

Natalie, Sarah, Chelsea, and Brooke

Maya and me, AKA beauty and the beast.  So not fair that she wanted a picture of us while she was in her nice makeup and me in my zombie makeup.

Checking out my bloody hands.  Wish I had a better shot because they looked so real.

My kids and I after our hair and makeup was finished.  They were such troopers.

Ready for action. The snow on Ethan soaked right through his clothes.  I was surprised when he wanted to come back for more filming because he was SO cold.  He kept telling me he couldn't do it anymore because he was so cold, but he endured it and came back.  I am so proud of him.

ready to pull our wagons in the snow
BEFORE (summer filming)

AFTER (winter filming)
After this amazing experience, we will never forget the sacrifices that the pioneers made for us.  It has changed us and we will never be the same.  I can' wait till the movie comes out and we can see it all come together.  From what I have seen, it will be amazing!

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